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AMP Codes (@AMPCodes) are redeemable codes that can be used to gain items on Pickcrafter. The name of AMP Codes has been changed to Support Codes.

Where to find AMP Codes:[edit | edit source]

Visit the @AMPCodes twitter page (they will be giving out codes every week or so).

Or you can join the Discord via:

How to redeem AMP Codes:[edit | edit source]

In order to use an AMP Code go to Settings Menu in game (Start by tapping the wooden sign then click the cog wheel), and click the button labeled 'AMP Codes' or 'Support Code'. Once you redeem the code, if there are redemption remaining, you will receive the reward that the code gives!

If they don't work for you check your internet connection!

Hidden codes:

Hidden codes can be found by bosse's text what they say. Here are all the hidden AMP codes:

pinkBall5 for a Diamond Chest.

doggo & gorgLife2 for a Gold Chest.

boley , riptide5 & sassyRobot7 for an Iron Chest.

fiveamp for a Wooden Chest.

nukemysave to reset PickCrafter.

ach123 forces the game to check each achievment’s requirements, and give the player the achievments they earned if they do not already have them.