B & W Pickaxe

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B & W Pickaxe
B & W Pickaxe (Level 1).png
Monochromatic Pickaxe

May instant-break blocks

Obtained from:
Upgrade Cost:
Strength.png Scaled
Frequent Criticals.png Scaled
On Fire.png
- On Fire -
Breaks blocks with one strike
On Fire.png

The B & W Pickaxe is an Epic Pickaxe obtainable at random from Chests.

While looking identical to a common pickaxe, the B & W Pickaxe has one special passive ability: every time it hits a block, it has a chance to instantly destroy the block regardless of pickaxe strength, while at the same time making a gong sound and causing a bright flash that turns the biome into monochrome for about 10 seconds. This ability may trigger for consecutive strikes if the player is lucky; it will not trigger when idle.

Levels[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 9 upgrade Levels for the B & W Pickaxe. At its base level, the B & W Pickaxe has a full-grey handle, head and blades. Subsequent upgrades add detail to the handle and head, but the color of the blades will not change.

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