Egg Hunt

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Version 2.22 - Egg Hunt Update!

- Find Festive Egg Bundles hidden in the menus, chests, daily rewards, and all over the game. Also keep an eye out for a special Creep

- Get Carrots from Eggs and summon a special boss!

- New Pickaxe! Use the Bunny Pickaxe to unleash a barrage of carrot missiles

There are 14 hidden stashes of eggs located throughout the game. Find each for free Easter Eggs.

Egg Hunt[edit | edit source]

Known location of eggs (thanks to Benjaminh428 YT):

  1. Popup screen after first update to Egg Hunt
  2. Inventory tab - click on Runic listing for popup
  3. Pickaxes tab - click on Wood pickaxe and click the description for stats
  4. Pickaxes tab - click on Glass pickaxe and click the description for stats
  5. Gear tab - click on Boots
  6. Gear tab - click on Axe
  7. Gear tab - click on Bunny trophy
  8. Abilities tab - click on Multiply Enchantment picture
  9. Buy Gear tab - Spam click on something you can't afford to get a popup
  10. Buy Runic tab in store - Hidden behind the in app purchase buttons
  11. Biome Selection - bottom of page next to Moon button
  12. Biome Selection - click top left Prestige potion, followed by top right (i) button
  13. Social / FAQ button - scroll to bottom of FAQ
  14. Settings / AMP Codes

Bunny Boss[edit | edit source]

Collect 50 Carrot to summon the Bunny Boss mini game.

When summoned the Bunny Boss will appear on screen. Take note of his appearance. When clicked he will disappear and reappear with two other bunnies. You need to click multiple times on the correct Bunny Boss. Do this three times to defeat the Bunny Boss and earn a trophy.