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After you press the sign, you will see a button named "FAQ". Here has all the questions listed there.

How do I get blocks?[edit | edit source]

Tap the screen or swing your device in an axe like motion to break the blocks. When you have enough PPS, the blocks will break automatically.

Links: Inventory, PPS

What are Picks?[edit | edit source]

Picks are the currency gained from tapping or swinging your Pickaxe. They are used to purchase small chests. Swinging will award more Picks.

Links: Picks

What are Lifetime Picks?[edit | edit source]

Lifetime picks are the total amount of Picks you have collected. You can compete on the Leaderboards with this number!

Links: Picks

What is PPS?[edit | edit source]

PPS is an acronym for Picks Per Second. It represents how many Picks you will earn each second. The higher the PPS, the more powerful you become.

Links: PPS

How do I increase my PPS?[edit | edit source]

Increase your PPS by earning or purchasing Gear. Some Gear items will give you special abilities instead of boosting your PPS.

Links: PPS, Gear

How do I break blocks without tapping?[edit | edit source]

As you gain more PPS you will break blocks automatically in each biome. Increase your PPS to break blocks faster.

Links: Inventory, PPS

How do I unlock Pickaxes?[edit | edit source]

Use blocks to purchase pickaxes in the Buy Pickaxes menu or get lucky and see them drop in a chest!

Links: Pickaxes

What are Critical Strikes?[edit | edit source]

A Critical Strike is an uncommonly strong swing of your Pickaxe that will do increased damage and award additional picks. Each pickaxe has their own chance to Crit, see this chance in the Pickaxe menus.

Links: Picks, Pickaxes

Why do some Pickaxe's have green DMG?[edit | edit source]

These Pickaxes are special Vanity pickaxes that scale their damage based on the strongest Pickaxe you currently have unlocked. As you unlock more Pickaxes, these Pickaxes will become stronger with you.

Links: Pickaxes, Damage

How do I unlock other biomes?[edit | edit source]

Spend blocks to unlock biomes in the Biome menu. Use the Compass on the bottom right.

Links: Biomes

What are Chests?[edit | edit source]

Chests are in-game items that you can purchase and open to find treasures. They can contain random blocks, Gear, and even pickaxes.

Links: Chests

What is the difference between a small chest and large chest?[edit | edit source]

The large chest carries more blocks, guarantees rarer blocks, and increases your chance of finding epic treasures like gear and pickaxes!

Links: Chests

What Pickaxes can appear in Chests?[edit | edit source]

Many pickaxes drop in chests! Check the pickaxe inventory to view details about each pickaxe.

Links: Chests, Pickaxes

What is Runic?[edit | edit source]

Runic is an extremely rare resource that can be found in all biomes. You can also acquire Runic from the Runic store or by Prestige.

You can use Runic to open Large Chests, upgrade your abilities, and unlock epic gear.

Links: Runic

What are Abilities?[edit | edit source]

Abilities are special skills that empower you to progress faster with various boosts allowing you to break more blocks and collect more picks. Tap an Ability's icon in the Ability menu to learn more about that Ability.

Links: Abilities

How do I unlock Abilities?[edit | edit source]

Abilities are unlocked by reaching new biomes. Check the Biome menu to see where each Ability is unlocked.

Links: Abilities, Biomes

How do I level up my Abilities?[edit | edit source]

You can enhance your abilities with Runic. They can be upgraded in the Ability menu, which is the final tab in your Inventory.

Links: Abilities, Runic

What does the Mobs do?[edit | edit source]

Quick! If you see an object come into [the] screen, tap it as fast as you can! Each object has a special effect that will help you.

Links: Mobs

What is Prestige?[edit | edit source]

Prestige is the next adventure after reaching the Moon. It will level up Biomes, allow you to upgrade your Pickaxes, and transmute your entire block inventory into Runic! When you Prestige you will NOT loose any of your Pickaxes, Gear unlocks, or Chest treasures. The only thing that will reset is your biome unlocks and your block inventory will be transmuted.

Links: Prestige

How do I level up my Pickaxes?[edit | edit source]

You must Prestige first in order to upgrade any Pickaxes. Use the Pickaxe Inventory menu to upgrade Pickaxes.

Links: Pickaxes

What can I do with extra blocks?[edit | edit source]

Your extra blocks will be converted into Runic when you Prestige. Prestige is available after you reach the Moon.

Links: Inventory, Prestige, Runic

Where can I find [X] block?[edit | edit source]

To find a specific block, try searching in each biome for it. Blocks are tied to their biomes. Chests also drop every type of block, but there is no guarantee which one will show up.

Links: Inventory, Biomes

Will I collect Picks when PickCrafter is closed?[edit | edit source]

You will collect Picks at a reduced rate when the app is closed. To resume collecting picks, you will have to relaunch Pickcrafter.

Links: Picks

If I minimize the App, do I still collect blocks?[edit | edit source]

You will still collect Picks, but not blocks. You must have PickCrafter running to break blocks. Remember! You can spend your picks on small chests, which contain blocks.

Links: Inventory

How can I improve PickCrafter's performance?[edit | edit source]

You can reduce the graphics quality in the Settings menu. Lowering this setting to 'M' or 'L' should also reduce battery drain. When you lower this setting you will lose some graphics fidelity.

Can I save my progress in the Cloud?[edit | edit source]

Yes! Use Cloud Save in the Settings menu. You will need to enable Game Services on your device.

How do I transfer progress between multiple devices?[edit | edit source]

Use Cloud Save in the Settings menu to Upload and Download save progress.

My progress was reset, how could I recover?[edit | edit source]

When using Cloud Save you can restore progress in the Settings menu. Use the Download option from the Cloud Save to load save data from the cloud.

How do I report a bug?[edit | edit source]

Please report any bugs you find at: http://bug.pickcrafter.com

Links: Known Bugs

How do I provide feedback?[edit | edit source]

We welcome all feedback at: http://feedback.pickcrafter.com

How can I stay tuned to PickCrafter news?[edit | edit source]

You can like PickCrafter on Facebook https://facebook.com/pickcraftergame

You can follow PickCrafter on Twitter @PickCrafterGame

You can follow PickCrafter on Instagram @PickCrafter

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