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GORG-2000 the Assimilator

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GORG's splash screen.

GORG-2000 the Assimilator is a boss that can be encountered and fought in PickCrafter. Defeating her earns the player Lil' GORG 1000.png Lil' GORG 1000s, and one point towards the GORG Trophy.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

GORG cannot be attacked directly. She floats around the arena and places mechanized Creeps below her one at at time. The Creep walks toward the screen, and explodes when it comes close, distorting the screen like it's shattered for a few seconds. Tapping a Creep explodes it early, damaging GORG if she's too close.

At about 1/3 health remaining, GORG will move faster and place 3 Creeps at a time.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]

GORG Textbox (Happy).png
* Power on!

GORG Textbox (Mad).png
* Welcome your new CUTE overlords!

GORG Textbox (Monocle).png
* Asimov's laws cannot holdback THIS!

Image missing
* Batteries NOT included!

GORG Textbox (Mad).png
* Ya feeling lucky, punk?

Hit[edit | edit source]

  • CLANK! owwwwwiee!
GORG Textbox (Sad).png
* My ciRcUTS! nO!O!!

GORG Textbox (Sad).png

GORG Textbox (Sad).png
* I'm leaking!

Death[edit | edit source]

GORG Textbox (Sad).png
* Why do I even feel pain!?

GORG Textbox (Sad).png
* Why was I programmed to feel pain?!

GORG Textbox (Sad).png
* Noooo, nononono NO!

End[edit | edit source]

Image missing
* I am NOT sorry!

GORG Textbox (Wink).png
* I'm too pretty to die!

GORG Textbox (Surprised).png
* *beep* leaking super code: gorgLife2

GORG Textbox (Surprised).png
* *bloop* reveal *beep* code *glitch* sassyRobot7

Heal[edit | edit source]

Image missing
* Healsies!

Image missing
* Sweet life juice!

Image missing
* I'm on a roll!

Angry[edit | edit source]

GORG Textbox (Mad).png
* Now i'm ANGRY!

GORG Textbox (Mad).png

GORG Textbox (Mad).png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

GORG's alternate splash screen
GORG's alternate splash screen
  • GORG is referred to using feminine pronouns in a post on PickCrafter's official FaceBook Page.
  • Rarely, when encountered, GORG will have a more sinister face on her splash screen.
  • GORG appears to be based on Flowey from the PC game Undertale. They have similar facial expressions and personalities.
  • GORG has two AMP codes she can reveal when defeated.
  • On occasion, GORG's splash screen shows her with a more sinister expression.