Heart Seeker Event

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The Heart Seeker Event is a seasonal event in PickCrafter. It was first run in 2019 in Version 4.17.1. During this event, players represent one of three teams every day - Amour, Zeal, or Disdain. The first week allowed players to choose a team, and the second week presented a roulette, with the choice to spend Runic to To earn points toward a team, players exchange 25 Enchanted Arrow.png Enchanted Arrows for one Golden Enchanted Arrow.png Golden Enchanted Arrow. Enchanted Arrows are dropped by Q-PID, and can be found in Heart Chests. Golden Enchanted Arrows are used to purchase the event's rewards. The team which trades in the most Enchanted Arrows within 24 hours is rewarded one Premium Heart Chest for each member.