Magma Block

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Magma Block
Magma Block.png

Magma Block is a block which can be found in the Volcano biome. It can also be purchased from the biome's Block Select.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Purchases[edit | edit source]

Item Effect Cost
Molten Pickaxe Unlocks the Molten Pickaxe 500
Magma Helmet +315 PPS 100
Magma Chestplate +189 PPS 50
Magma Leggings +126 PPS 25
Magma Boots +52 PPS 10
Magma Shovel +367 PPS(3.8) 225
Magma Hoe +315 PPS(3.8) 175
Magma Axe +273 PPS(3.8) 125
Magma Sword +231 PPS(3.8) 75
Lava Lamp +800 PPS ???

Furnace Recipes[edit | edit source]