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Version 4.12.1 HARVEST EVENT OVER!!![edit | edit source]

Harvest Event Over!!!

Version 4.12.1 HARVEST EVENT!!![edit | edit source]

Frank The Pie Splash.png


New Harvest Items.

You Can Craft Pies In Furnace.

New Boss Frank The Pie.

2 New Pickaxes Fork And Frank Pie - Axe.

Frank Pie - Axe Crafting 49 Frank's Pie Piece.

New Chests Turkey Chest And Large Turkey Chest.

Update Bunch Of Skills.

Large Turkey Chest Cost 400 Runic

New Pickaxe Power.

2 New Special Offer:

  1. Large Turkey Chest + Large Turkey Chest + 500 Runic.
  2. Large Turkey Chest + Fork + 2000 Runic.

Oether News[edit | edit source]

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