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Welcome to the PickCrafter Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to Pickcrafter. The wiki and its 276 articles and 1,490 files are managed and maintained by 0 active contributors from the Pickcrafter community, along with the wiki's Community Administrators. Anyone can contribute.

About PickCrafter

Tap, tap, tap or swing, swing, swing to break blocks and collect Picks in this pixel-style clicker! Use your Picks to unlock new Skill Tree points! Break blocks to find Chests loaded with treasure. Craft many collectibles. Explore different Biomes and see if you can reach them all. Can you collect all of the Pickaxes and score to the top of the leaderboards?

PickCrafter is a block mining game for people who love to mine, craft, and tap - even while idle or offline!

Mine rare ores in this block-breaking adventure! Try and make it to a billion Picks and collect all of the Pickaxes. Become a Picks billionaire and unlock points in your Skill Trees!

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