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Prestige (Ender Pearl).gif

v2.0 Prestige[edit | edit source]

After reaching the Moon biome, the ability to prestige becomes available by tapping the bottle 'o enchanting at the top left of the biome selection screen. Prestiging converts all of your blocks (except mob related items, i.e gunpowder) to runic, up to 250 runic, and relocks all of the biomes, except Plains, and leaves everything else unaffected. In addition, upgrades to pickaxes become unlocked. The max prestige level is 9999999999 runic (dev. info). (new update)

Every type of block can change the runic value. The more rare blocks you get, the more runic you earn with a current maximum of 250 runic per prestige.

v3.0 Prestige[edit | edit source]

After reaching the End biome, you can prestige by going into Biomes, tapping the bottle icon, and tapping the button labeled "Prestige!"

Prestiging will:

  • Relock all biomes, except for Plains
  • Remove all blocks
  • Unlock the next rank of pickaxes and gear
  • and give 3 enderpearls.

NOTE: If you craft the Legendary Contraption Of The End, you will get more ender eyes when you will prestige.