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Quests are a system that was first added to PickCrafter in Version 4.6.1. Quests are divided into Common Quests and Rare Quests. Common Quests can be seen by tapping the tab on the side of the screen. Common and Rare Quests can be seen together by tapping the Map Icon, and then the Scroll Icon. This screen also shows how many quests are currently being tracked.

Common Quests[edit | edit source]

Common Quests can be fulfilled any number of times. Currently, there are two:

  • Next Chest: Break an amount of blocks in the most recently unlocked biome (or any of the three Teleport-exclusive biomes) to find an unlockable Chest. It starts at 1000 blocks needed, but this can be reduced by purchasing the Chest Explorer skill.
  • Next Boss: Break 100 blocks in in the most recently unlocked biome (or any of the three Teleport-exclusive biomes) to encounter a Boss. After defeating a boss, there is a 3 hour cooldown to encounter the next one. This cooldown can be skipped by spending Picks or 50 Runic. If the player runs out of time on a boss, they can fulfill the quest again immediately.

Rare Quests[edit | edit source]

Rare Quests are much more difficult, have better prizes, and have a limited time to be fulfilled. The time seems to be related to the current on-going event. The current Rare Quest (as of 4.6.1) is:

  • Doggo battles: Fight Doggo 50 times. The prize is 50 Runic, and the quest lasts until the end of the Boss Event.
  • Chronos Battles: Fight Chronos 50 Times. The prize is also 50 Runic. It can be completed in the boss roster of the Version 4.8.0 and last until the end of the Meatloaf's Party Event (September 3th 2018).