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Rainbow Biome

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Rainbow Biome Portal

The Rainbow Biome is the seventeeth and the first seasonal biome of PickCrafter. It can be accessed during the Lucky Event.

Access[edit | edit source]

It can be unlocked when the Lucky Pot is filled to 100%.

During one minute and thirty seconds, the player can go inside the biome by hitting the Rainbow Biome Portal.

Once the timer is out, it will brings back the player to the Plains.

The Rainbow Biome[edit | edit source]

In this biome, the player can find several blocks

NOTE: The block additionner (Block Fortune Skill) of the player doesn't affect the biome. However, the block fortune given after defeating a boss can affect the biome.

The player can also find the Leprechauns in this biome. When defeated, they gives Golden Coins and Gunpowders.